Saturday, June 14, 2014

Waiting - not any more!

That's right folks, the wait is over.  Right on due date, at 2:16 this morning Petrina gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl.  S and F are very excited about their new little sister.  Mum and bub are doing well.

Photos and more details to follow eventually...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This post from Femina is very timely for me. Even though we haven't hit Baby's due date yet, I'm feeling my impatience grow each day. God is so kind for putting this collection of verses from His Word in front of my eyes tonight.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Realism vs reality Part deux

Yep.  Check before you build.  Always make sure there's enough space to fit what you need/want.

After downloading Google Earth and SketchUp, I was able to get a reasonably accurate estimate of height for the silos, thanks to this clever approach.  And sure enough, the actual silos are shorter than the kit, but take up much more space.

And while explaining all this to SP this afternoon, I hit upon a sort-of-solution.  T-Trak modules come in three different lengths: single, double, and triple.  And the triple length module is almost perfect length for the scene.  It still doesn't really have enough depth, but I think I can do a few things there to get some more effective depth.

So now I'm just left with a blank slate for this initial single module build.  There are plenty of railroading vignettes I could choose from:
  • A tumble-down cattle race, leading from a (optionally) deserted paddock up to the line.
  • A mail or milk shed (a tiny little shed by the side of the line for easy transfer of goods on/off the train.  The definitive "whistle stop" scenario).
  • A level crossing
  • A steam era (English or North American) water tower and coal tower
  • Something out of the Appalachian mountains, or the Rio Grande, or the Rockies (it must be genetic - I think almost all model train enthusiasts love mountains)
  • And just about anything else you could think of
 Any suggestions?