Sunday, July 13, 2014

Baby Update

Sorry the basic baby info has been so long in coming. Things seem to be a bit busy around here!

As Dave said earlier, we had a lovely little girl on 14 June. 4030g, or 8lb 14oz, born less than 4 hours after I was woken by SP (I'll always wonder how much longer I would have slept if he hadn't called out), and about 45 minutes after our arrival at the hospital. She'll known on this blog as HR (think of 2 standard OT names and you'll probably be right.)

She's settled into the family quite well so far. The kids are besotted and she's been quite happy to hang around in the carrying wrap while we've done the holiday playdates the last couple of weeks. Actually, she'd love to be carried in the wrap all day every day. Hmm...

So far, and I know it's early days yet, adding number 3 has been fairly straightforward, largely due to a lack of emotional upheaval. I think having your first baby is always going to be a hugely emotional time, then F's birth and the months surrounding it were emotional for all her health reasons. But this one has come along smoothly and simply, and while I'm spending time and energy managing the emotions of the other two children, I feel like my own emotions are on a pretty even keel.

I'm not pretending to find it easy. Having Dave wake up on my first morning home too sick to get out of bed, and continuing to be sick for the next 10 days wasn't easy. I hadn't pictured myself doing kindy pick-up with a 60 hour old baby! (I did call mum to do drop off that morning - I couldn't leave the house until the midwife had been, as they don't tell you what time they'll be coming). Juggling the hours of feeding and baby care around the other two isn't easy at all. But they're quite enjoying the increase in 'lets sit on the couch and read' time, we have lots of family and church support, and I know this is only a season.

Mostly I'm feeling incredibly blessed to have a third beautiful, healthy child, lent by God to love, care for and bring up to honour and glorify Him. What an amazing privilege it is.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A little progress

So, being sick for the first week and a half of leave wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but the last week and a half was a lot better.  With some enthusiastic assistance from Junior Modeller, I managed to make a little progress it doesn't look spectacular - yet - but we've painted the fascia and laid the track.

Black fascia, two tracks 8 mm apart as per the T-Trak N specification

Wiring on the underside.  Eventually that will go to the back panel
The next challenge is still the same as the previous post - working out what to put since my silo idea is too big for a single module.  I've got some ideas; watch this space to see which one comes out on top!