Saturday, May 29, 2010

Knitting Update

Acquire wool: check! I'll be using Basic Spotlight 8 ply, 100% wool, in a groovy dark turquoise. I've got 2 50g balls to start with, don't really have any idea how much I'll need.

Acquire needles: not yet.

But this afternoon I have started actual knitting! With some old wool, a couple of paintbrushes (yes, very sad), a book from the library and this video, I've learnt to cast on & do a basic knit stitch. Yay! Already I can see why people get addicted - there's something relaxing yet satisfying about turning a strand of wool into a piece of fabric. I wonder how long the enthusiasm will hold out...


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A photo

 SP decided not to have an afternoon sleep today. After an hour or so of listening to him chat to his teddy bear, I went to get him up so he could have a Skype chat to his dad :)

Somehow, it was hard to be annoyed about the lack of sleep...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another hairbrained scheme

I love cloth nappies and use them almost exclusively at home (including overnight), but I'm not 100% happy with my methods at the moment. We seem to be getting a lot of wet shorts (and pants now that the weather is colder).

In an attempt to satisfy my recent creative streak and to solve a problem, I'm going to give these knitted soakers a go. Yes, I may well be insane. I've never knitted anything more than a dolls-house size blanket in my life. Much help is likely to be required from the other females in the family.

First step, acquire wool and a circular needle. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A fruitful fete day

I usually have a little list running in my head, if not on paper, of things I'm on the look out to buy. As of yesterday morning, at the top of my list for Sam was:
  • small (baby hand size) blocks
  • an alphabet book
  • a lift-the-flap book
I got quite excited when we turned up at Sam's Grandma's school fete yesterday and the first thing we saw was a car boot sale with... the perfect little blocks, just like I'd been looking for.

After getting settled, we had a look around the book stall. And what did I find? An alphabet lift-the-flap book. And a variety of other interesting-looking things - I'm terrible at book stalls. But for $1 a book, I figure you can't go too far wrong.

The rest of the day was a lot of fun too, especially the couple of hours in the afternoon when we just hung out on the grass, listened to some great live musicians (aka the school kids) and Sam got to play in the dirt.


Things we broke yesterday

  • A bowl
  • A brand new lightbulb
  • A glass
  • The kitchen table
Oh dear.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Nana May's Update

Briefly: Love it! 

It hasn't magically cured everything, but I'm less itchy, less red and some patches on my hands that I'd assumed would be red & scarred forever are starting to return to their previous colour.

Highly recommended.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


It was brought to my attention recently that I haven't posted any photos in a while. So here's some of the things our little boy has been up to.

Nana May's Magic Hands

My eczema has been playing up lately. Not fun. I hate being itchy, and I don't love looking red and inflamed either.


So when Dave noticed a stall offering free 60 second hand treatments at the South Bank markets last night, I gave it a go. Rubbing a salty, oily solution over my dry hands felt very odd, but when it was washed off… heaven!


After a bit more wandering, we went back and bought a tub of Nana May's Magic Hands. I'd like to think this was a considered decision, and not jumping on some bandwagon out of desperation. I'm not in the habit of buying anything that a guru tells me will work.


Jeanie told me to use it morning and night until my eczema clears (about 7 days) and then twice a week. She was very optimistic. And after just 2 treatments on my hands and 1 on other areas, so am I. But 7 days to clear skin seems a little unrealistic.


I'll post again in a week's time.