Thursday, December 24, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 weeks already

Amazingly, SP is now over 10 weeks old! Well, actually not all that amazingly I guess - it's to be exected after reaching 8 weeks and then 9 weeks. I think what's amazing is that it's 10 weeks already; double digits seems like a significant milestone. He's now lifting his head and looking around during tummy time, and loves listening to mummy singing (Petrina wrote a beautiful song for him, to the tune of O Danny Boy) or daddy playing whatever happens to be handy at the time.

The smiles are coming more freely now, especially just after waking up in the morning. Getting to sleep has been a bit harder since his vaccinations this week, but compared to some stories we've heard, we have nothing to complain about. In fact we're very thankful that God has given us such a good baby in SP.

To finish on a somewhat random note, thanks to Rach for helping me to finally identify the song that's been plaguing me for months: Pavane, by Gabriel Faure

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parenting stereotypes

It sounds like a scene from one of those cheesy US sitcoms like Home Improvement - dad goes to the hardware store on a short errand, and comes back with half the store.

Well, turns out that it's not all that difficult a task to achieve. Stopping at Bunnings on the way home from work to get some Borax and some screws should have been a 5 minute job. 1 hour later Petrina is starting to get worried, but it's OK 'cause I'm nearly through the checkout. Yes, I remembered the borax, it's just that I was busy converting 2 months worth of "play money" into various pots and plants etc for our little container garden. It was only after I got home and was heading to bed that I realised I'd forgotten the screws!

I don't think I should be allowed back into such places without an escort... It will be interesting to see if I can restrain myself to only get the screws tonight.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

These are a few of our favourite things

SP is over a month old now - time is flying by. He's also passed the 5 kg mark, and the number of clothes in the 'too small' pile is steadily growing. It feels like our learning curve has started to flatten out just a little, and we're all getting into the new rhythm of life together.

SP's favourite things (as far as we can tell):
  • Feeding. He's still living up to his nickname of 'little piranha'.
  • Bathtime. He loves being in the water, and he's starting to kick around more. He's not such a fan of being dressed and undressed, though.
  • Tummy time. He's got amazing head control for his age. And that's not just my bias - on Thursday starred as a 'typical one-month-old' in a training video being made by the physios at my work and they were very impressed too.
  • People talking to him. He'll focus himself totally on the conversation, making terrific eye contact. Mind you, he focuses just as intently on lights and doorframes...
My favourite things about life with SP:
  • His incredibly expressive face, when he's sleeping, feeding, looking around, and even when he's crying. I could watch him all day.
  • Being able to physically nourish him completely. The human body is an amazing thing.
  • Bathtime. One of my favourite activities. I just love watching him enjoy himself and having lovely interactions with him.
  • He knows me and he likes me! There's a real recognition there now, especially when he's being held by someone else and I come over. Ah, the love :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Knack

So, it's been a little while since the last post. Sorry about that. Samuel continues to grow strong and healthy, and is becoming more and more alert as the days go by. We're even starting to see some hints of social smiles (as opposed to the reflex smiles when he's processed a good feed).

My cousin reminded me about this scene from a Dilbert episode - I think it's funny, and Mum and various aunts will immediately recall my penchant for lego as a kid, and it might even help explain why some people are just drawn to engineering - they've got "The Knack"...