Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 weeks already

Amazingly, SP is now over 10 weeks old! Well, actually not all that amazingly I guess - it's to be exected after reaching 8 weeks and then 9 weeks. I think what's amazing is that it's 10 weeks already; double digits seems like a significant milestone. He's now lifting his head and looking around during tummy time, and loves listening to mummy singing (Petrina wrote a beautiful song for him, to the tune of O Danny Boy) or daddy playing whatever happens to be handy at the time.

The smiles are coming more freely now, especially just after waking up in the morning. Getting to sleep has been a bit harder since his vaccinations this week, but compared to some stories we've heard, we have nothing to complain about. In fact we're very thankful that God has given us such a good baby in SP.

To finish on a somewhat random note, thanks to Rach for helping me to finally identify the song that's been plaguing me for months: Pavane, by Gabriel Faure

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