Saturday, May 12, 2012

Walking with the Wise

I love Christian kids music.

I love that it teaches kids about Jesus and how to respond to Him. 

And I also love listening to it for myself. There's a simplicity, a directness, in kids music that doesn't seem to work in music aimed at adults. 

At the moment, we're enjoying to Sovereign Grace Kids' Walking with the Wise in the car. SP's current favourite is Nuggets of Gold, because it talks about digging. 

I think I could write a blog post on pretty much every song on the CD, but the one that's most stuck in my head at the moment is All Ears. Here's the chorus: 

I wanna be all ears when Mom* is speaking
All ears when Dad is teaching
There’s a lot I don’t know
And they’ve been around a whole lot of years
And have covered some ground
Their words will make me wise, so I’m all ears

I'm thankful for the wisdom that I was taught/am still being taught by my parents, but I've also been reflecting on all the other people in my life who show me wisdom every day. I know there's times I don't want to listen, but songs like this encourage me to soak it up that little bit more. 

* Yes, it's American. I try to drop the accent when I sing it around the house...

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  1. I love this CD! We've got it on permanent rotation in the car. So helpful.


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