Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fire Safety

We had the fire truck visit playgroup this morning. Big success.

SP brought home a Fire Safety Activity Book, and one of the activities is to draw a home escape plan. He's quite keen on this idea. 

I'm thinking that if we're going to draw an escape plan, we might as well add on a fire drill. We'll all pretend to be asleep in our beds and set the smoke alarm off. 

Not certain what to teach SP to do next though. There are two doors to his room, and the most frequently-used one leads straight to the kitchen, where I guess I fire would often start, but also leads to the back door. 

So we're thinking of telling him to get down onto the floor and listen for instructions. Then Daddy will come and get him and they'll 'Get down low and go, go, go!"

Have you ever done a fire drill with your kids? What did you teach them?


  1. We did when we first moved to this house, which I'm ashamed to say was two years ago. Time to do another one! We actually made up some cardboard fire pictures and we made a game of practising several times with the fires in different locations. So we talked about what they would do if the fire was blocking the closest exit etc. And we also practised two meeting points - one in the front yard and one in the back. One thing the practices prompted me to think about was making sure the floors were clear for exiting. In the dark, at night, in confused circumstances, could my kids get across the floor to the doors easily? It's prompted me to do a bit of quick tidy before I go to bed at night - I just kick anything out of the way or move back chairs etc that have been left out - so that we could get out fast if we had to.

  2. Good thoughts, thanks Deb. I like all these ideas :)


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