Saturday, March 9, 2013

A different kind of book review

Whenever I read a book, I find things I would like to blog about. And I have visions of writing these beautifully crafted posts, with concise and informative book reviews. 

But it never happens. 

So I'm going to try something different. As I read, I'm putting sticky notes on things that I find interesting, and planning to post about them to share with you. It won't be organised, but it will be a way to share information. 

I really wanted to do a good review of 'Maybe I Do', by Kevin Andrews. Fabulous book, which, coupled with an article in the Brisbane Child, prompted me to write my first ever letter to an editor. But I didn't note down the best bits as I read, and it's essentially a 600+ page literature review, so I didn't have the impetus to go back through it and sort them out again. Maybe one day. 

Since then, I've read Dr Susan Prescott's 'The Allergy Epidemic', and I have some notes on that coming up. Stay tuned. 

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