Friday, March 26, 2010

It's finished!

A long time ago (4 and a half years can feel really long sometimes) in a land far, far away (metaphorically at least, since I was single and childless at the time) a noble young squire took on a daring quest....

Fast forward through mountains of application forms, piles of text books, the odd bit of red ink spilt here and there, animated discussions over the correct placement of commas, and two embarrassing mistakes by a book binder (first they couldn't spell synthesiser, then they gave me the wrong name!)...

And yesterday afternoon I lodged the final copy of my masters thesis at uni! It's somewhat surreal - doing it part time means that it's not the same weight on my mind as a full-time degree would have been, but there's still a great sense of relief that it's over. And a good sense of accomplishment too.

The one question that keeps coming up is when will I do my PhD? Well, not any time soon, that's for sure. Unless I wanted to go from industry to academia, it wouldn't be particularly useful, and right now I have enough other things on that adding further postgrad study is not a really bright idea.

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