Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mmmm, chocolate

Over at Matt's blog you'll find a lot of interesting things; including a recent tweet* linking to the Cocoa Petition website. What's the Cocoa Petition, you ask? Well, there's been a long history of child labour and general exploitation of farmers in the chocolate industry. But no-one's done anything to deal with it. And although Cadbury and Nestle have taken steps to use fairtrade cocoa in some of their products, movement is otherwise slow. The Cocoa Petition asks the Federal Government to legislate a deadline for manufacturers to transition to fairtrade certified cocoa, which means that farmers will be paid a decent amount for their produce, and child labour will not be used in the process.

So hop on over to the website to find out more, and next time you're buying some chocolate, look for the fairtrade logo, not just the bottom line.

*Yes, despite my complete disregard for facebook and twitter, it appears that they have some uses, especially when the twitter feed is live on the blog.

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