Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 months old

F was 2 months old last week, and becoming less a newborn and more a baby every day. It's probably about time we told you a little bit about her. 

Her eyes are getting much better, and she often focuses on us clearly now. Her ideal focal length seems to be a bit longer than expected, but that's probably not a big deal.

F has given 2 big grins that we know of, one aimed at her bright pink mozzie net and the other at soon-to-be-Uncle Chris. She often appears to be just on the edge of a smile, so we pray that they'll come more frequently soon. 

She's just discovering her calm & social side: happy to sit and chat to people, happy to sit in her bouncer and watch the world go by. But if we're all at the table, the bouncer on the floor is not acceptable - she wants to be up with the action!

She loves bath time, both by herself and with SP. She had a couple of baths in the proper baby bath when she was very little but mostly goes in the little clam shell in the bottom of the shower that SP uses. She's usually awake for his bath time, so typically she'll get some time by herself first, SP will join her for a couple of minutes, then she'll come out so he can splash. It's working quite nicely for us. 

She loves SP, and he loves her. I love the inbuilt entertainment ;)

Sleep and settling is getting pretty good, which makes us all happy. She often needs 1-2 little visits to help settle before falling asleep by herself in the day, but is getting better all the time. And she only wakes for one feed most nights, around 1:45. My nightly West Wing viewing has slowed considerably since the early days. But I'm still getting plenty in the evenings - last night she was feeding from 5:45-7:30... whew! But I'm happy with that if it means nice long night sleeps. 

Now that we're starting to get more sleep and she's starting to get less cranky, we're enjoying having F around. And we look forward to finding out more and more about this precious little person we're blessed to have in our lives. 

A big photo post is coming soon. 

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