Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Compassion Child

Sun, earth and a dot for Australia.

Our first sponsor child moved away from his project a couple of years ago. I frequently wonder how he's doing. 

We've been supporting the Child Survival Program since then, and waiting for children SP's age to be old enough to join the sponsorship program, in the hopes of sponsoring a child born in the same month as him. 

Last night, we found a boy born on the very same day. 

SP seems quite keen on giving some of our money to help a boy like him who doesn't have much. And intrigued by the idea of daytime here being night time in Brazil. Cue impromptu lesson in the rotation of the earth, with 2 random balls and 2 bits of blutack. He lapped it up, but still doesn't get it. 

R from Brazil, welcome to our family. We pray that your connection with us, and especially with SP, will last a lifetime. 

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  1. Yay!!! I'm sure R is over the moon to here he's been sponsored...and wait till he finds out he shares a birthday! Congratulations on growing your Compassion family.


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