Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Does God wear shoes?

Specifically, did God and Jesus wear shoes before they made the world?

We read 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' this afternoon, and SP asked at dinnertime why the people went to the shoemaker to get shoes instead of going to a shoe shop. Cue discussion about handmade local goods vs modern factories, transportation etc. 

I thought we'd covered it all pretty well. Then the above question was raised. 


I'm sure there was an easy way out that I didn't take. I headed down the 'God is a spirit' road. Way too confusing. Then he flits from shoes to clothes, and is imagining everyone in heaven running around nudie. And the usual 'I don't think the Bible tells us' wasn't cutting it. 

Soon I was getting my Bible out and flicking through Revelation. Bear in mind that this is all happening in the middle of dinner, and Dave is working lates this week. Not very conducive to theological somersaults. 

We ended up talking about white robes and crowns, but it wasn't very satisfactory for either of us. 

Help me out - what would you have said?


  1. I would have said no, that in heaven there is no need for protection from physical abuse to our feet. Or comfort because we would be perfectly comfortable and not have cold feet. Those are my practical thoughts. Then the other thoughts stray to Jesus and his time on earth and sandals (funnily enough I own "Jesus sandals") and the culture of the time. I love practical questions like these because there is so much to talk about conceptually and to challenge us. R xox

    1. Excellent thoughts, thanks :) I hadn't even thought down the 'why do we wear shoes and do those reasons exist in heaven' line.

      I love these conversations too. Kids have a way of getting straight to the point.


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