Thursday, April 11, 2013


I hadn't realised how much tidier 3 1/2 year old play is, compared to younger kids. Yes, SP makes a mess, but his messes are generally in defined areas, and thus easy to clean up. And he (sometimes) helps. 

F, on the other hand, has just discovered the joy of carrying things around. So there's interesting bits and pieces spread everywhere. I had forgotten this phase, but now I remember. 

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  1. "I had forgotten this phase, but now I remember." Oh, that makes so much sense to me! I had that feeling with each of my children. When I first had kids and was asking my parents or parents-in-law about various things and they replied, "Oh, I can't remember now," I used to think, "How on earth can you NOT remember that?" But with each successive child, I would re-discover things I had completely forgotten since the last one. And now, I can't remember anything at all. If you handed me a newborn tomorrow, I'd be nearly useless.


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