Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Easy Teddy Bear Ears

The theme for the kids' music concert this year is Teddy Bears Picnic. Our kids are each going dressed as their favourite teddy bear. So this afternoon I made 'Mike' ears for SP. And it was so, so easy. 

Take a piece of thick paper or thin cardboard. Draw curve for ear. I traced Mike's. (yes, as you can tell by the floor, the children were crafting too)

Fold paper an inch below the bottom of your ear outline & cut out to make a too-long oval. Then do another one for the other ear. (Trust me, it will make sense in a minute.)

Fold the paper where you want the base of the end to be, then fold the gap in the middle into 4 equal parts.

Then bring them together to look like this:

The ribbon headband will go through this gap, and the top of the T shape will sit flat against the child's head so the ear stands up straight.

Decorate the ears however you wish. I got this yarn from Spotlight for 99c. We'll also be sticking it on a t-shirt to make it fluffy & Mike-like. (any suggestions on how I should do this, please comment!)

I'm sure you won't use your finger to spread the glue over the cardboard because the glue spout is broken and you don't want to disturb the busy children round your feet by getting up for a paint brush.

Tie a piece of wool/ribbon/whatever around child's head. It's like a halo, but crossing the top of the head instead of near the forehead.

Once the decorated ears are dry (the waiting was the hardest bit for us), wrap them around the ribbon, position them on the child then glue them in place.

I used pegs to make sure the cardboard held it's T shape so the ears won't slide around on the yarn.

Once dry, wear. Or in my case, make your child wear them for the photo, then hide them away so they don't get wrecked before the concert.

Ta da! One set of teddy bear ears, ready to go :)

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