Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Seems it was inevitable

I had a feeling I would walk out of the Kindy AGM with a job for next year. 

At least I'm not on the executive committee. 

Just Social Rep for SP's room. Surely I can do that. 

It's interesting to reflect on the 'meeting skills' that church membership provides. Although I have very little to base this on, I would guess that a good number of people in that room had never been to an AGM before, and the idea of moving or seconding a motion was obviously foreign or scary. I was the only person not on last year's committee that was willing to do it. Thank you Pressie church for exposing me to many such situations. 

Now, what does a Social Rep do? Ideas, please :)

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  1. Not sure what a social rep does, but I so know what you mean. I have gone to school based meetings and haven't volunteered to chair meetings, thinking someone will be able to do a far better job than me...and then gone home wishing I had chaired it after all. We do collect all sorts of interesting skills along the way.

    And have just noticed a new addition on your sidebar. Warm congratulations.


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