Sunday, January 8, 2012

What We're Reading: The Emily Stories

SP received all four books in Stephanie Carmichael's 'The Emily Stories' for Christmas. Published by Matthias Media, they're lovely picture books about the kids in an ordinary family, with an added (but not out-of-place) 'God' element. 

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SP's favourite is 'Over the Fence'. It's the story of Luke, who likes kicking his ball around the yard, and hopes that the new boy moving in next door likes kicking a ball too. Luke and his dad have a lovely conversation about how God knows all about the new boy, even though Luke doesn't know him yet. You can actually read the whole thing here.

SP is really thinking about this concept. When he wonders who is using the whipper-snipper he can hear, he comments that 'God knows who's doing it'. And this afternoon, when I said I didn't know where his little wheelbarrow was, it was 'God knows where it is.' 

All four books are highly recommended additions to your little kids' library. And I might get some copies for church4kids too. I hope there are more titles coming in the series. 

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