Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adventures in Baby Wearing

I've written before about my tendency towards ideas, project and other hair-brained schemes.

One of the things I really wanted do more of with this baby was baby-wearing. With SP, I had a commercial sling and a baby-bjorn style front carrier, and used them a few times but never felt like they suited my everyday needs. Mostly because I never seemed to have them with me when I wanted them. 

This time around, I'm doing it the traditional way. No fancy slings or carriers, just one long (4.5m) piece of fabric that I can hopefully pop in the nappy bag and have with me where ever it's needed. And use around home too. 

In the last week or so I've tried a couple of different ways of tying the wrap, and on Wednesday I think I hit my jackpot: The Front Cross Carry. It was very easy to tie, even the first time around, comfortable for me, and F seemed pretty comfy too, if going straight to sleep is any indication of comfort. 

Best of all, I can tie it on first, as you would with a modern sling or carrier, then pop her in and out as needed. This seems unusual for more traditional wrapping - most carries I've seen require juggling the baby while you wrap the fabric around yourself, which is a bit scary for this beginner. 

The long-term usefulness remains to be seen, but I'm very chuffed to be so easily hands-free. For once, my scheme has been followed all the way through to a useful conclusion :)

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