Sunday, January 13, 2013

Memorising the Bible

If you're a regular reader and you have a good memory, you may have found yourself wondering, 'whatever happened to Petrina's plan to memorise the whole of 1 Peter last term?' Well, it didn't get all that far. I did pretty well with the first 2 sections, but then reality took over. A whole book, even a short one, in one term was a bit too ambitious for this season of life.

Also, I found that my method of setting the words to hymn tunes, which had worked well for me in the past, wasn't helping me to think about the meaning of the words. Maybe 1 Peter is less lyrical than other books, I don't know.

So my memorising took a bit of a break. Until a friend posted on Facebook about a project that she's joined. Over the next 14 weeks, the ladies at Do Not Depart are helping each other to memorise Psalm 71. A lot more realistic. Count me in!

If you want to join in, you're encouraged to register here. And head to their resources page for easy print outs of the weekly verses (1-2 per week) and other bits & pieces, and to the link up page for other people's thoughts, as well as info on where Psalm 71 fits in the story of the bible. 

I was planning to go tune-less for this one, but it's turning itself into a song in my head already. If it's a decent one that helps with meaning and remembering, I might record it up and post it. But no promises. 

As it turns out, the last memorisation project at Do Not Depart was 1 Peter 1. Which I've just done. How cool is that?

Are you learning any Bible verses at the moment?


  1. So glad you'll be memorizing Psalm 71 with us, Petrina. I hope that you do end up creating songs! I love your voice. I went back and listened to one you did of 1 Peter 1--wish I had known a few months ago--I would have used it to help me. I'm sure you'd do another beautiful job with this text, especially since it is was originally a song.

    1. Thanks Lisa :) I didn't know of Do Not Depart when I did 1 Peter, but I know now :)


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