Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Easter Readings goes global

I'm a bit excited - there are actual people using my material :) The response from members of our church was pretty good, there are a few facebook friends & rellies using it (including one in the UK, hence the 'global' bit) and another church has picked it up too. A big church, with lots of people. Some of whom knew me as a primary schooler. That feels weird and a bit scary. 

But I like being useful.


  1. That is very exciting. Good work, you. And how wonderful that you have joined the ranks of many Christians sharing their material for free. This is such a great example of the internet being used for good. May many be blessed by your work - and you too.

  2. Petrina, that is awesome, so exciting! Glad that you're saving others from having to reinvent the wheel coming up with ideas when there are so many great ones out there already.


  3. Hi There, I've been using your Easter material with my kids on the reccomendation if my SIL. It's fantastic! Easy to use, short enough to keep my kids (7, 4 & 2) attention, but detailed enough that they are learning the real meaning of Easter, not just the chocolate kind! Thank you for blessing others in this way!

    1. Thanks Anon :) I'm so pleased that it's useful for you. I'll be praying for you and your kids as you finish it off.


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