Tuesday, February 5, 2013


SP is re-enacting David & Goliath in rest time. Except he's using a sword instead of stones. 

I just heard: "Oh no, Goliath is dead. He's gone to be with Jesus."

Hmm. What do I do with that one? :)


  1. Update: Goliath is now pedalling on his bicycle and SP is planning to ram him with his sword when he rounds the corner. Nice.

    1. Ha ha! What did you do with the "gone to be with Jesus" bit??? I'm interested!

    2. I haven't said anything yet, but next time the topic comes up in conversation (whether it's Goliath being killed or someone going to heaven), I'll try to explain that only people who trust in Jesus get to be with Him. And we'll see where the conversation goes from there. My theological chats with SP have a habit of going where I least expect!


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