Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog reading crossroads

I'm a Google Reader user. I love having lots of lovely new blog posts sitting waiting for me when I log in. But Google Reader won't exist after 1 July. 

I've been looking at this article, trying to choose a replacement. 

Any suggestions?


  1. Everyone who has mentioned it to me has moved or is moving to Feedly. I can't (at the moment) because it requires Chrome or Firefox (and I don't know what they are or what to do with them because I am such a computer dunce) so I am preferring the option of keeping my head in the sand and hoping that it is just a dream...and that I will wake up in July to find that Google Reader is still here. In the meantime, I have placed most of my favourite blogs in my favourites list. And may end up having to access them in the old fashioned way of clicking onto them individually.

  2. I moved over to Feedly and it's worked really well.

  3. Feedly sounds good, thanks :) Meredith, I recommend switching to Chrome. It's not that different to Internet Explorer (both my mum & Dave's are coping with it), and unless you've got a super-fast computer you'll probably notice a speed increase.

  4. I too have just switched to Feedly too - makes it much easier to share posts on social media which is a good thing.


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