Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Let's Get Moving

I was finishing up the April edition of Brisbane's Child last night, and feeling convicted about getting SP moving a bit more. We spend a fair bit of time outside, but lots of it is bike riding or play on his plastic fort, and I wondered if he was practicing all the different movements and skills that he could be. 

Then I remembered 'Let's Get Moving', a free activity pack that I'd ordered from the Dept of Sport & Recreation, when SP was way too young for it, and forgotten about. 

I pulled the book out and started having a flick through it this morning. SP saw the board game mat, and wanted to play IMMEDIATELY! 

It was raining, so we confined our play to the lounge room, and did some improvising with ribbon for a curved line to march on, and cardboard tubes and cushions for batting practice. SP had a great time and F thought the whole thing was hilarious and was pretty keen to join in, although most of the movements were beyond her. We kept things simple by just having 1 counter and taking turns to roll the die, so we did the movements together. 

They're not sending out the printed resources anymore, but the whole thing is available online at http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/community-programs/school-community/childhood-programs/preschooler.html Note that if you download the 3.4MB PDF, you'll still want to download & print the Activity Map (aka game board). 

The target age is 3-6, but with a bit of creativity, I think it could work for toddlers right up through primary. I think it's something a family of kids could do without adult help, as long as there's a reader among them. 

Highly recommended. Let's get those little bodies moving!

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