Saturday, May 25, 2013

We did it! Ride for Refugees Report

Collectively, our family rode about 77km today. 

That's 50km for Dave, 25km for me, and about 2km for SP. 

Dave's usual ride to work is about 13km each way, though with a lot more hills than today's course, so I'm impressed that he did the 50km as easily as he did, though he reports tiredness and soreness tonight. 

I had been planning to gently ramp up to the 25km over the last couple of months, but for a variety of reasons it didn't really happen. Most of my preparatory riding has been in 2-4km bouts with SP riding ahead of me, and the biggest solo (ie adult speed) ride I'd done was about 8km. So 25 was a big step up. I really didn't know if I'd make it, and I'm quite proud that I did. 

SP was so excited to discover a trike on the roadside yesterday (there's a real culture of 'if you don't want it anymore, leave it on the kerb' around here), and he took that along instead of his balance bike or going in the trailer. Apparently he loved it for just over 2 laps of the kids' circuit, then one of the back wheels came off. He coped admirably, still scooting it around and doing 'tricks'. 

Excellent day. I'm glad we'd planned to have a quiet afternoon, and I will be very sore tomorrow, but it's nice to accomplish something measurable. 

Bring on Ride for Refugees 2014 :)

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