Monday, June 21, 2010

A fun weekend

Saturday morning: I baked brownies for our church's coffee shop stall at the EJ fete. Lots of brownies. Dave & SP had a trip to Toyworld and Spotlight, where SP got a helium balloon.

Saturday afternoon: Dave helped his lovely sister buy a car, and SP & I checked out the Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo at the convention centre. I think it's worth making it an annual event just for the animal farm.

Saturday night: Date night. Usually we go out one week then stay in & read a book together the next week. But we both have croaky voices at the moment so we watched a taped Masterchef Masterclass instead. Now I want to make bread.

Sunday morning: Church. I was playing the piano & had fun incorporating some tips from Twist. Then we all headed down to the fete for morning tea.

Sunday afternoon: Chilled out at Mum's while Dave did his shift at the fete. I mostly listened to Mum & SP playing while I knitted. Lovely :)

Sunday night: Now that my work has switched to Mondays (from Thursdays), a relaxed do-nothing Sunday evening leads to an unnecessarily frantic Monday morning. Last night I was pleased to discover that half an hour is plenty to do all the 'getting ready for the week' bits & pieces that make such a difference.

Into the week we go...

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