Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our not-so-perfect life

It's occurred to me lately that life according to this blog probably sounds really good and easy and straightforward. Particularly after posts like this.

Rest assured, you're not alone*. Most days aren't like that. If I remember rightly, me hitting the 'post' button on that particular post and SP waking from his 20 minute nap were simultaneous, and while I don't remember exactly what I did for the rest of the day, I'm pretty sure I didn't do any knitting.

There are plenty of days when the house is a mess, the washing piles up, SP seems to spend the whole day either attached to my leg or getting into things he shouldn't, dinner is scrambled eggs or freezer leftovers AGAIN, and Dave's return home is marked by a cry of 'Yay, Daddy's come to rescue us!' But on those days, the last thing I feel like doing is blogging, even if I could find the time and brainspace to do so.

Life is messy, complicated and exhausting. I'm lazy, I'm selfish, I'm annoying. I let people down, I hurt them, I disappoint them and I take them for granted, especially those I love most. This is real life in a sinful world.

Next time I look like I've got it all together, please stop me. I need help to let down my mask of perfection and show the real me.

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