Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Norwex love

I am a newly converted Norwex nut. Ridiculously, almost embarrassingly so. But I am not embarrassed, because I love Norwex. It makes it easy to keep my house clean.  

Thanks to last night’s Norwex party, I will soon have the following Norwex products in my house:

  • Green kitchen cloth – washing up and benches
  • Beige kitchen cloth – SP’s face and hands
  • Yellow kitchen cloth – spot-cleaning floor
I already have these three. They’ve converted me.
  • Green tea towel – drying dishes
  • Suede microtowel –drying hands
General cleaning:
  • Aqua envirocloth – cleaning pretty much any surface
  • Pink glass cloth – glass
  • Car wash mitt – flyscreens and car
  • Micro hand pad – getting marks off walls etc
  • Optic cloth – glasses, camera lenses etc

  • Antibac body cloths (pack of 3)

    • my face
    • SP in the bath
    • Spare (would Dave use one?)
  • Body wash mit -  in the shower
Out & About:
  • Envirocloth Travel pack (4)
    • Car
    • Nappy bag
    • Work bag
    • Downstairs for cleaning off the backyard muck before we come inside

    Ideally, one more lovely friend would agree to host a Norwex party and I could get a free mop to add to my collection. Anybody? See all the stuff I got for hosting?

    I’ll let you know if it all lives up to my (obviously quite high) expectations. Stay tuned.

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