Saturday, August 27, 2011

Projects, projects, projects

I think I must be an ideas person. I never really thought of myself as such, but yesterday I turned to SP and said 'I've got an idea' and he gave me the exact same look that Dave does. A look that says "Oh, here comes another crazy scheme, what will it be this time..."

So I thought I'd share some of the 'ideas' that have become 'projects' that I'm currently working on. 
  • A little something for Fathers Day. I will say no more here, because said Father will read it. But chances are he's already guessed that something is coming. 
  • A photo prayer diary for SP. 
  • A hutch dresser for SP's cardboard kitchen. It really needs some more storage space!
  • A tray table for SP for our road trip. Haven't got past the planning stage with this yet, but I'm modelling it on this one.  
  • A button toy for SP, also for the road trip. A button on the end of a bit of ribbon, with lots of squares of felt with holes to button on. I saw this on a blog but can't find the link right now. 
  • An overhaul / computerisation of my recipe box, to fit with my new routine of monthly Aldi shops. 
  • A display board for SP's artwork. I just decided yesterday that a newly-organised corner needs one.
  • Christmas crackers for our family celebration (yes, a while away, but still in my thoughts). 
  • Converting our long, narrow sleepout (ie. study / library / reading area) into 2 partitioned rooms, one of which will be a nursery. This actually involves a fair few smaller 'projects', but there's no need to list them all here!
I think this will keep me busy for a little while :)

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