Saturday, August 11, 2012

The myth of 'done'

I love to cross tasks off my list. It makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere. But I've been repeatedly reminded recently that my tasks will never be all done, there is no 'finish line', at least not until heaven. Pretty much everything I do in a day will need to be done again sometime. 

In that vein, this post by Rachel Jankovic may have just revolutionised my life. Here's a taster. 
One of the biggest personal lessons I have learned in housekeeping and child raising is that “done” is a total myth. The more I have adapted to that understanding the better. The more I embrace a lot of my daily work as a cycle that goes on and on instead of discrete tasks that need to be completed, the better. Not only does it relieve a lot of tension surrounding what you are trying to do in a day, but it actually gets much better results. 
I've also enjoyed Rachel's book, Loving the Little Years. A quick read with much food for thought, both for now and as our kids get older. Highly recommended.


  1. I'm always looking for good books to use as gifts. This looks like a good one to gift to young mothers. I remember those days--it did seem like the work was never done.

  2. That is a great quote, and something I (like other mothers) struggle with. I have also been a "work first, rest later" type of person. Now, with 3 little ones and being pregnant, I find it increasingly hard to make/ allow myself to rest when there is still so much that "needs" to be done. I really should get a copy of "loving the little years" I've heard so much about it.


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