Tuesday, August 21, 2012


SP wants to wear underpants to bed. But he doesn't appear to be ready, and I'm not really a fan of washing all his bed linen, pillow, teddies etc every day. Thankfully we've had great drying weather the last couple of weeks. 

But we don't want to stifle SP's desire to toilet train. 

So my genius husband invented... "Under-overs"

Underpants on. Nappy on top, to catch any sneaky wees 'just in case'. 

Everybody's happy. 


  1. Brilliant! Just tuck it all inside the nappy so no leakages via wicking occurs...ask me how I know that? ;)

    1. The tucking isn't completely successful, but I'll take slightly damp pyjamas over a flooded bed any day :)


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