Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello there baby!

We finally had a scan this week :) All looking pretty good at this stage. This baby has the same ectopic heartbeat that SP had in utero, although it's more pronounced and earlier this time. We're praying that all it will mean is extra monitoring between now and birth, rather than any pre- or post-birth complications. 

SP did a great job sitting with Dave through the ultrasound, with only a little bit of distraction needed, and he did seem genuinely interested in what was going on. At one point, I told him that we were looking at the baby's nose and asked him where his was - he pointed to his nose then the baby raised its hand to its face too. We told SP that the baby was copying him, and he looked very chuffed at that. He's now a bit confused about the baby's location though - previously he knew it was inside Mummy, but now he's seen it on a TV screen he doesn't seem so sure! He's still convinced its a girl though. And no, we didn't find out and don't want to :)

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