Sunday, August 21, 2011

SP's Quotable Quotes

At just over 2, SP is full of words, sentences and ideas. And he cracks me up! Here's some recent quotable quotes:

When we were in the back yard and all the afternoon tea food was inside: “Better go upstairs then.”

When I was a bit slack on the admin side at playgroup: “Nametag Mummy!”

“S______ get on his trike and put his helmet on and ride to work and carry his trike up the stairs in Daddy’s foyer.” All said through tears - he really wanted to go!

While climbing up on stool: “Climbing up like Jack and Jill climbed up the hill to get some water.”

Any time he wants something that he thinks isn’t going to happen: “Today or not today”
eg. “Mummy get in your cot.”
            “Sorry, Mummy doesn’t fit in your cot.”
            “Mummy get in your cot today or not today.”

Any time he doesn’t understand the conversation: “Mummy and Daddy are talking about..."

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