Sunday, October 30, 2011

A little piece of thankfulness

Random bit of information: I have an naturally fast heartbeat. It's never affected my health or my life generally, except that I had to stay an extra couple of hours in the day surgery after having my wisdom teeth out when I was 17, because they were concerned about it. We have wondered why and never had an answer.

Now, that fast heartbeat may mean that my body is more able to cope with the heart-slowing medications that the baby needs. 

So there's our answer to the 'why' question. God certainly has everything under his infinitely wise control. 

And also a brief update: 
Baby's still kicking, I'm still feeling ok. Both good. 
I have blood tests first thing tomorrow morning, then a scan with the paediatric cardiologist at 4pm. 
I should be able to keep being treated as an outpatient for the time being. But obviously anything could change any time. 

Pray for: 
- blood results to be back in time for the scan. 
- the scan: that the baby's condition would show some improvement, and that we wouldn't lose hope if it doesn't. The digoxin didn't reach therapeutic levels in my blood until Thursday night, so theoretically it could be 7-10 days after that before things start to change. 
- wisdom for the cardiologist, and others treating us. 
- patience and trust. Waiting and uncertainty are hard.

We are so thankful for all of you out there, for your prayers and help and love.

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