Thursday, December 1, 2011

More good news

Last week's scan showed that the fluid inside Baby had lessened. Today, it's gone!!! Praise God for this amazing and unexpected development. We were hoping for continued lessening of fluid, but to have no evidence of it is phenomenal. Woohoo!

At this stage, we're looking at planned delivery (but not necessarily caesarean) in the 38th week, so probably 19-21 December. We can expect Baby to go straight onto medication, and there's certainly a chance that the heart could go back into abnormal rhythms after birth and need more intervention. But the fluid was a big risk factor which is now dealt with. 

We have another scan and a meeting with the neonatologist on Friday, to sort out a bit more of the nitty gritty. 

To quote the staff specialist today, Baby's future is now looking "very bright". How far we've come in 6 weeks. God is blessing us in so many ways.


  1. Oh Petrina, what a wonderful answer to prayer! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the way God has worked in these past few weeks. Praying for continued good news in the weeks to come...the Atkinsons x


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