Friday, December 2, 2011

Thankfulness #5

Today, I'm thanking God for my beautiful boy. Life has been tough for SP lately, but he's been such a trooper. And very helpful too - it seems my hydration levels are very important to him so he brings me my water bottle any time he notices it around, as well as fetching and carrying many other things and (usually) being very understanding when I can't do something with him.

He's in rest time at the moment, singing 'He's a Mighty God' and 'Joy to the World' (which he thinks is about Aunty Joy as well as Jesus). My heart smiles :)

Edited a few minutes later: I'm now hearing "Mummy, could you bring me my helping stool because I want to open the door? There's no stool in here at the moment. I can't reach the door handle." Lovely polite asking, but... no.

1 comment:

  1. And Aunty Joy smiles too - not quite up to checking the 'like' button!

    Here's a beautiful story in the Herald Sun about a boy we know well I think you will like it Petrina and David, and other readers of this blog.


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