Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nearly time

24 hours from now I'll be in hospital (unless I don't need the gel and they send me home until early morning)

48 hours from now we expect to be well acquainted with our baby. 

I thought I'd share some prayer points for the next few days. We are so thankful for everyone's support and prayers thus far. So without further ado, please pray for: 
  • Good rest and good energy for me, particularly between now and Thursday, but also after that.
  • SP coping with me going back to hospital. He's realised that things are imminent and is getting a bit clingy again. And for him coping with a new sibling and all that that entails. 
  • Dave having energy and health. He's feeling very tired and run down, and has a habit of getting sick on holidays. We'd love that not to happen this time around :)
  • Labour being smooth and uneventful. And that we'd be calm and trusting and the doctors will be wise if it's not and other things need to be done. 
  • Baby's heart coping with labour, birth and the outside world. And again, trust and wisdom for any treatment. 
  • I'd love to have a cuddle with the baby at birth, but I also want the necessary testing done ASAP. Pray that we'll enjoy meeting and getting to know this little person, however physically close we're able to get. 
  • Getting breastfeeding well established, especially if Baby spends significant time in the nursery. 
  • Most importantly, pray that we would trust God with the big picture, the nitty gritty details and everything in between. We continue to be so thankful that He has all this in His perfect control.


  1. praying these things.

    May God bless you all.


  2. You're all in our prayers. Love to you all.


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