Monday, November 7, 2011

Back on the rollercoaster

Back on the rollercoaster

I have to admit, I started today with a bit of trepidation. There were no scans or doctor's appointments over the weekend, but with a scan scheduled for this morning there was that growing feeling of "what's next?"

The good news is that although the first scan this morning only showed SVTs, the doctors decided to do a follow-up scan an hour later where they saw some sinus rhythm. Yay! After some discussion, they've decided to change Petrina's medication: she's not going back up to the really potent stuff from last week's visit to CCU, but to a mid-level drug. And she's back on the telemetry unit - hopefully with good contacts this time! There's another scan scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Praise God:
  • For periods of sinus rhythm over the weekend and again today
  • That I was able to bring SP in for some good relatively long times with Petrina over the weekend
  • For the love and care our family and our church family are showing during this time
  • That when the new medication starts tonight, it will be effective for baby with no side effects for Petrina
  • That SP will cope with starting a very different routine tomorrow, as some of the mums from church help care for him so that I can keep up with normal(ish) work hours.
  • That I will cope with SP starting a very different routine tomorrow, and that I won't worry that I'm failing him as a dad by not taking on all his care myself while Petrina's in hospital. (I'm 99% sure intellectually that I'm doing the right thing, but that doesn't make it emotionally easier)

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