Friday, November 11, 2011

Looking hopeful...

Things are looking hopeful today. Although a doppler yesterday morning showed SVTs, by the time they got to the ultrasound scan baby's heart was back in sinus. We don't know how long it was in SVT before that, but the doctors didn't need to change Petrina's medication, which is good.

Even more hopeful is the case conference they're having this morning. The resident told Petrina yesterday that from the Mothers side of the house, they're happy for her to continue treatment as an outpatient. If the Adults cardiologists/physicians agree, she can come home!

SP will be very happy with that. He's coped remarkably well with shuffling from one place to another this week, but "want daddy to not go to work and look after me" when I got him up this morning. Even if Petrina doesn't lift a finger (and I suspect doctors instructions won't allow much more than that) he'll still be so happy that mummy is home.

So give thanks that things continue to look better for baby. We know the doctors will do what's best for Petrina, so pray that the best thing would be for her to continue as an outpatient.

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