Tuesday, November 15, 2011


If you didn't already know, music is one of those things that's been a big part of my life. I grew up listening to lots of classical stuff at first, until I discovered the likes of Petra and Whiteheart. I still play at church although I don't keep up with new music as much as I used to... although one could argue that the current manufactured rot is usually not worth the effort.

Anyway, this post is actually supposed to be about sharing a couple of songs that I've found encouraging on many occasions, including our latest rollercoaster ride.

The first song, by a South African band called Tree63, is called Here of All Places. I've often taken comfort in its reminder that even in dark or stressful places, God is at work using it to refine us and increase our trust in Him.

Here of All Places
John Ennis

Here of all places
I'm face to face with
What You began and what I've become
First there was fire
Now, just a flicker
Will breaking my heart lead me back to You?

I shout truth at You
Without love for You
I am blown up beyond recognition
I will sing to You
'Cos You made me to
Won't You help me to mean it?

Better here than nowhere

Something out of nothing
Beauty from ashes
A glorious reign after humiliation
So, I race through
Here of all places
Where nothing is left but my trust in You

You won't give me up
You can't let me down
You'll be standing to welcome me home (one day)
Come sing over me
Come sing over me
Won't You help me to hear it?

Unfortunately it's not up on Youtube, but you'll probably find it on iTunes if you want to know how it sounds.

The other song is by Petra, and is called Thankful Heart. It's taken from part of Paul's letter to the Ephesians, where he encourages them to "...give thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ..." We've had so much to be thankful for in the last couple of weeks and even though we know there's still a lot to go through, we keep giving thanks to God for the way He sees us through each step of the way.

Thankful Heart
Bob Hartman and John Elefante

I have a thankful heart
That you have given me
And it can only come
From you

There is no way to begin
To tell you how I feel
There are no words to express
How you've become so real
Jesus you've given me
So much I can't repay
I have no offering


There is no way to begin
To tell you how I feel
There's nothing more I can say
And no way to repay
Your warming touch
That melts my heart of stone
Your steadfast love
I'll never be alone


I have a thankful heart
Words don't come easily
But I am sure You can see
my thankful heart

Help me be a man of God
A man who's after Your own heart
Help me show my gratitude
And keep in me a thankful heart


This one is up on Youtube if you want to have a listen. And try not to cringe too much at the bad 80's fashion in the clip.

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