Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankfulness #4

One of the questions I'm asked most frequently is whether I'm on bed rest / activity restriction etc. Answer: I'm not, but sometimes it feels like I might as well be. 

The medication I'm on is doing a fantastic job of keeping Baby's heart slow and steady, and it's doing the same to mine. At the moment, this means that I can cope with being up and about for about 5-10 minutes of very light activity (like getting ready in the morning, pottering around the house) or 2-3 minutes of just standing or 1 trip up the back stairs. Then I need a sit down to recover myself before doing a bit more. I can sit and chat pretty easily, but even that wears me out after a couple of hours and I need a lie down. I thought I was tired at the end of my last pregnancy, but this is something else entirely!

I still feel like getting out and about and doing things though. Enter, the power shopper!


My lovely sister-in-law took SP & I to the shops this morning and the power shopper was fantastic. And surprisingly easy to steer - I was quite scared at the start that I'd knock someone over. Yes, it was quite bulky and made for a considerably more difficult shopping trip than just walking, particularly when there's a pram in the convoy too, but without it I couldn't have even considered wandering around the shops for even 15 minutes, let alone a couple of hours. 

It was so nice to feel like part of the real world again. So I'm thanking God for: 
- power shopping technology
- Westfield providing it free
- the opportunity to see what one aspect of life is like for someone with mobility problems
- the temporary nature of these problems for me. Once Baby is out and I can stop taking the meds, I should be right back to normal :)

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