Monday, November 14, 2011

Home, sweet home

I've just finished watching the Mythbusters blow up something else. That's nice.

SP is sound asleep. That's nice too.

But what I like best is that as I sit here typing this, my beloved wife is lying here beside me resting. For the next few days at least, she's home!

This afternoon's scan was everything we could have prayed for and more. Rhythm and rate were good and right from the start the sonographer was talking about how Friday's scan was looking a little better but today's looked a lot better.

They didn't do a detailed growth scan but both the sonographer and the staff specialist said that subjectively the oedema and ascites looked better than it had before.

They also said that the contractility (a measure of how much the heart contracts) was getting better, sometimes normal now.

Other notes that Petrina's just handed me:
  • Her amniotic fluid level is still a bit high but within the normal range - no more polyhydramnia
  • Blood flow through the stomach (another measure of heart function) is improving, to quote the sonographer "1.5! That's within normal range"
Petrina's final comment on the matter: "Being tired and puffed is worth it"

Thank you for all your prayers thus far. Please keep praying for good healing for baby, that SP will enjoy mummy being home without wearing her out in the first five minutes, that Petrina will know her limits, and that we'll keep moving towards a safe delivery of a healthy baby.


  1. I like this very much! What are ascites?

  2. Fluid collecting in baby's abdomen, around its organs. Not good. But good that they're possibly shrinking :)

  3. Dear Petrina and Dave, I have just done a big catch up on your story. This is uncharted terrain, and often you will find yourselves going down paths that don't feel good. You are in our prayers, and in the best hands. Lots of love, Aunty Joy


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