Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coronary Care

This morning the doctors had a case conference about our baby. It's quite humbling to think that all these specialists are caring for our family: paediatric cardiology, maternal fetal medicine, adult cardiology, adult physician, neonatology.

The outcome of the case conference is that they're changing to the more potent drug. To get it into Petrina (and God willing, baby) as quickly as possible, it's being administered intravenously as well as orally. Petrina's been moved to the Coronary Care Unit in the Adults hospital so they can monitor her health properly while they do this. Ideally it will only be for 24 hours, then she'll be able to go back to the Mothers with a wireless monitoring unit.

There will most likely be a scan tomorrow afternoon to see if there's been any improvement. If there is no improvement by Monday or Tuesday of next week, they'll be moving to direct fetal treatment. That won't be easy, but does give the doctors options to treat baby without affecting Petrina's health so much.

Please keep praying.

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